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First tutorial

Let's hope this works.
The tutorial is actually hosted on another server, so please be patient while it's loading (it's not that big, just 2.5 Mb).

It's a tutorial on how to add permanent subtitles (hardsub) to a video and save it
in almost any format (AVI/MPG/3GP/Flash) using only freeware software. You can use the videos on your mobile/iPhone/MP4 player.
You can buy this tutorial on CD, so you can have it at home and use it anytime you want: http://www.lulu.com/content/3977589


LexDeeJay spunea...

cea mai simpla varianta de convertit filme cu subtitrare pt mobil.merci de ajutor.

queensoft spunea...

In curind o sa refac acest tutorial.